Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The problem with the word 'Right'.

A right?

What is that?

Am I right in saying that it's something that is inalienable to me as a human being?

But what if someone else says they're right? Then where does that leave you?

Who is right and who is wrong?

Who's right is it to tell you? Who has that authority?

Don Miguel would say. there is no wrong and there is no right. There is only truth and lies. That's it.

And perhaps it's a problem, in todays society that people are not capable of facing their own lies and that this form of 'schizophrenia' resonates a geometric pattern through our society. In our case it seems that it's one of a pyramid. A power structure where all the power and energy seems to be funneled to the top. There is some kind of 'central power' that's been subverted. It is a trick of the mind and is reflected out into the world we see, in which most of us see a world of hierarchical and dominating structures, too difficult to comprehend for most of us (which only adds to the fear of such an awesome entity). Is it because we somehow are not able to take responsibility for our lives and our lies? From our lies have we not created a complex fabric, an apocalypse that covers our eyes, the eyes that are capable of seeing God, in truth, and in nature?

Is it not my right to Know the Truth so that I can be free from lies?

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