Saturday, 28 June 2014

Ride Natty Ride

Some people got everything
Some people got nothing
Some people got hopes and dreams
Some people got ways and means.

Wise words from a prophet of our times.

He spoke about surviving, through the injustice of inequality.

There is a tribe arising that I've seen, that seem to be focusing not on surviving, but on prospering, in unity and community, while caring for their mother, mother earth. It has been recognised. I have seen it. Others also are witnessing it and talking about it.

It has been prophecied by the North American Indians. They are called 'Warriors of the Rainbow'.

I have seen the Rainbow Warriors coming to the rise. To me, they've appeared in an area called the Rainbow Region of Australia (See also 'Northern Rivers NSW'). I have experienced the region. I did my PDC there in 2009 (more or less) and what I experienced recently when I went back to visit again has given me great inspiration [Google 'Bentley Blockade']. I spent 5 days there helping out in the Camp Liberty Kitchen. What I saw was awesome. I always knew that our social and political problems could be dealt with in new and creative ways, and now I've seen it, in action, and work! Activism is an evolving art. The Rainbow Warriors are full of gifts for the greedy and medicine for the weak hearts (No weak hearts shall prosper). I have seen the treasure of community, and now know that it is there. I'm connected to that! With this I walk, knowing that it's possible. It is not a pie in the sky, nor is it perfect, for there is no such thing. It is life, in it's full! Living with heart. Not being afraid to stand up, as one, and in unison, for what is known in the heart to be right. To express a truth that needs hearing. Rainbow Warrior tribes are appearing everywhere. I feel it happening around me. I'm witnessing it. No water can put out this fire.

Be open, no one knows the way.
Be here, lose yourself in the moment.
Be truthful. It takes courage sometimes, but it's good for the heart.

Love to all fellow beings who share the same dream. And Love also to all those who oppose it, for they test us to see how true we are to ourselves and to our special gift, given to us by Jah's Love.

How can we speak our truth in peace, and with heart, so that we can come to recognise a higher truth together, or sometimes just the plain truth? Non Violent Communication is a start. Have no expectations as to where it will end.

Speaking truth is an art, and highest love to the artists who wipe the canvas clean. In the Land of Light we have a revered sage called Mooji. A sage living in the land of light. How interesting. I would like to visit him, but only if I need advice on something, but then again what better advice can he give other than accepting and trusting? Besides that, I know that he will only lead me back to my Father's peace of land where I am.

How mystical is life.


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