Saturday, 16 November 2013

Dear Father Forgive Me

Dear Father,

I ask for forgiveness.

I was not strong enough to bear the weight of your tears on my shoulders, when you suffered the loss of your love. Now that you've gone, I feel it so deeply and only wish you were here so that I could have your strong shoulders to cry on.

I didn’t know that I would miss you so much when gone.
I remember your warm and fatherly embrace.
Your advice and guidance. Your beautiful face.
I didn’t know that you would appear as a light in my darkest hour.

I ran from you, without knowing what significance you would have in my life.
You taught me how to walk. You helped me when I fell over. You showed me the way.
Through all my fallings and failings you showed me love and compassion.
You gave me everything I needed to walk my path, with heart.
Just sometimes I get lost and forget, like today.

I’m trying to be strong, like you asked of me, but I’ve fallen down.
I am trying to get up, but it’s hard. I know you know how hard life can be.
You are not here, but know that if you were, would take me in your arms and carry me.
I’m just sorry that I was not strong enough to carry you through your hard times papa.

I will forever be in debt to you,
I have not forgotten the dream.
I carry it in my heart.
And to that I shall remain true.

Your loving Son.


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