Friday, 1 October 2010

Union Within, Communion Without.

One of the highest ideas that touches my mind is the idea of co-creation.

For me, this is the idea that when two worlds meet - in Love - then there is the possibility of a creation that is filled with beauty, truth and love.

What is the intention of this meeting? What is the intention and direction of these two worlds and can they work together to bring harmony rather than discord? An important question in a true meeting of heart and mind.

Can two worlds merge and become one? Is this possible even? With all the human emotions and drives that we each have to contend with that throw us out of balance and that can cause us to have conflicts even just within ourselves?

How can two worlds really merge and become one? If I have the vision that it is possible then surely it must be. One can only try.

Union within will bring communion without. Communion will naturally result in co-creation of the highest order.


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