Saturday, 24 April 2010

Digging Up Dirty Money

I had a dream where I found so much money. It was all 500 euro bills. It started with a few bills and then I noticed there was more and then more. It was all dirty and covered in black dirt. I had to take it home and clean it. It was alot, but it wasn't enough for me to buy my land in Portugal, but it was a great contribution towards it, close to half of what I needed I think.

Shortly after, the volcano in Iceland erupts.

All flights are cancelled and flights are put on hold until further notice. It leaves my friends from Peru stranded here and because I'd found some extra work here in London we co-incided and were able to meet with each other. It turns out that they are interested in joining me on the project. Could this be the contribution that will bring the 'dirty money'? The money covered in the black soot of volcanic ash? The meeting was a result of the volcano and so it makes sense to me. Let's see how that evolves ...


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