Sunday, 21 March 2010

A Dream of Elephants ...

I had a dream.

I was voyaging somewhere out in the wild. There was pastures and trees. As I was voyaging along I passed three distinct groups of elephants that were coming the other way. Each of the groups was made up of a different type of elephant. I can't remember the exact details of each type. I remember one kind was so round with regards to all it's features; big round belly, big round ears, just beautiful. I can't remember the most distinctual details of each of the other kind. I can't seem to recall them that well, but I remember that they were all so different. Just beautifully amazing creatures.

That's as much as I remember of the dream ...

Just this.

It felt so special, this dream.

But what does it mean?

And is there any way that I can know what it means?

How do I learn to communicate with this other side of myself ...

so that I can know it ...

and know ...

what it's trying to communicate?

01/may/2010 - appended

A more recent dream led me to this ...

Gaja (a Sanskrit word for elephant) is one of the significant animals finding references in Hindu scriptures and Buddhist and Jain texts. In general, a gaja personifies a number of positive attributes including abundance, fertility and richness; boldness and strength; and wisdom and royalty. In European Portuguese it means "physical attractive female", its origin in the Portuguese language can be related to a personification of fertility as mentioned.

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