Saturday, 7 January 2017

Through the Eye of the Neil

Through your eyes,
I took what was yours.

Through mine,
It came freely to me.

You think I lie.
But do you even see I?

You think you are so wise.
Well it's not wise to think.

You choose to hate me.
But that's not me.
It’s just your choice,
That I’m free to let be.

I know you want me to feel your pain,
What I wonder, is why you think I don’t?

You believe your struggle, is so much worse than mine.
Cos how would I know anything, right?

So I must ask you then,
If you’re so wise.
Why can’t you see,
That I am you, and you are me?

For you, I hold a rite of passage.
For you, I hold a chance to be free.
For you I behold something to forgive.

For you, and only you,
can release yourself and be free.


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