Friday, 30 January 2015

Remain True

The words of a wise sage say ...
That forgiveness is at the heart of human greatness.
For when you forgive, you are reborn as a king, into the kingdom of heaven.

I have felt this, but sometimes the journey for me is difficult,
beyond comprehension, and it feels so alone.
Forgiveness and letting go of things we love is not easy.
Especially not easy when one is drowning in a sea of sorrows,
or burning in a fire of rage.

I take a deep breath and trust that God is guiding it all as it should be.
“Let go, forgive and trust!”, the great sage inside me says.
Perhaps the most challenging imperatives in my life.

I keep being called over the edge of understanding.
I feel the gravity of my situation as I look out over the precipice of what I know.
I wish that I had the certitude to leap with all my heart, into this great unknown,
but there is too much confusion and conflict.
My mind and my heart are not acting as ONE.
I can only lean forward, let the guiding hand of God push me over that edge,
and allow the gravity of the situation to take me, into the unknown.

I cannot say that I am without fear, but nor am I without courage.
I've gotten this far and it's not been for nothing.
I must trust, and for this reason ...
I must remain true.


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