Sunday, 7 September 2014


Today I have set my love free.
Free to roam in eternity,
and dissolve in the breath of God's Love.
Let fly into winds of destiny.

I thought I would feel joy by setting it free, but instead I feel sad and longing.

The dream that lead me to this foreign land seems to have lead me to the precipice of a deep cliff. The precipice of love. My dream while sleeping with the goddess, told me it would come to this.

I now give up this love, for what was revealed to me in my vision.
Which promised me the gift of peace. An ocean of it.

I fall, from up high, into the deep blue pacific ocean,
I feel the fear. I feel it deep.
But I am not hanging on.
I am letting go of all the fear.
Let it come to me. All of it.
Come what may.
If it is God's will then let it be so.
My heart will remain true,
and I will respond truthfully,
to that which is meant to be.



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