Sunday, 20 October 2013

Finding My Blue

Dear Sky,

I shall no longer fly back to Oz to see you.
Looks like I need to find my own blue.

No escape, to the Land of Oz,
To be in your loving embrace.
My path is here now, and falling apart with each pace.

I look to escape but there is no way out.
All decisions seem riddled with doubt.
No exit. No leaving. No going back.
No escaping via that old side track.

It seems I shall stay here and accompany the Dweller.
My ever loving Nemesis and tall story teller.
The One who takes me to the Threshold.
And makes me realise how I long to be Whole.

I seek to transform his aggression,
but anger is the only expression,
that I manage to give back as my gift.
I cannot see actions of love, nor care.
The contradictions I see make me confused and scared.
I watch as I see words and actions clash.
Fury he stirs with responses so brash.

No closer to understanding the truth of the matter.
No heart to heart, on his part, only chatter.
If there is no willingness for peaceful agreement, understanding and love.
Then in the company of his own judgements I shall leave him thereof.

So sweet Sky of Oz,
Looks like I will not see you this year,
Time to face the cold with the cloudy days now here.

One thing I will tell you, and you can be sure.
From all I could give, you would be worthy of more.


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