Thursday, 27 October 2011

What is Day of Judgement?

The world is heating up. Time is moving faster. Chaos is rising.

Judgement Day is just around the corner.

But Judgement Day is not about the Creator (or anyone else) coming to judge us.

It's about seeing that We and the Creator are one.

With flickers of doubt remaining, as to this reality, we will be placed in a position where we will be required to make a conscious decision of deep conviction based on nothing more than INTUITION. Also known in the Christian context as 'a leap of faith'.

The Day of Judgement will have to do with mankind deciding as a collective whether it wishes to continue on the unconscious path of destruction that we are on, or wake up and begin creating a new world in co-operation with others. Otherwise known as Conscious Co-creation.

When we wake up, we will know why we are here and we will know what our purpose is here and recreating our world in a conscious and co-creative way will be as easy as watching the rain fall.

Trust the heart and all will be well.


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  1. One dream, many awakenings. Love your post. Reminded me of this:

    Trust the heart. x